Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Neurosis alert

Current stressors:
  • EXAMS IN 7 WEEKS. 10 weeks' work to catch up on. Motivation level: subterranean. The exams are on 3 consecutive days which translates to: pass the razor. Small consolation is that I get to see Phantom after all- accidentally booked it during exam period, but luckily we will have finished by then.
  • Recurring doubts about What The Flying Fluck I am doing in this course. Why did I ever say I wanted a challenge? How did I ever convince myself this was my vocation when as a kid my ambitions included psychology, anthropology, journalism, language teaching, &c &c but NEVER EVER medicine?! How did I even get admitted? Still waiting for the letter that says "Just kidding. *BOOT*".
  • HES project. I've got a supervisor lined up, but he's a frigging big shot lecturer and epidemiological researcher. His field is exactly what HES is meant to be about. Seems like a nice guy too. One problem. He wants me to do publication-level research! Which is cool except for the fact that the last time I did field research was...........NEVER. Know jackshit about it.
  • HES in Vietnam. I'll be staying with a family friend previously mentioned. I'm stressed out about all the etiquette and language barriers cos this is in the very politesse-conscious North. I'm afraid I will use the wrong honorific for some Head Honcho, thus condemning my host to social exile and and bringing SHAME AND HELLFIRE upon seventeen generations of my ancestors and progeny who will spit on my grave!! I will also be a small lonesome English-speaking island wanting my mummy, in an ocean of streetsmart Vietnamese who eat Australian-Vietnamese Traitors for breakfast. Why oh why didn't I go to Viet school? Should've known. Blood will out. And how come at 22 I'm still not self-sufficient or confident or grown up yet? Hurry up already.

Ok feeling better now.